Welcome to the Domaine Pagnon 

Since the end of the 19th century, the Domaine Pagnon is a family run business based in the city of Torreilles, in the south of France between the Pyrénées mountains and the mediterranenan sea.

We propose the sale of appellation wines from red, white, rosé to sweet fortified wines: AOP Côtes du Roussillon, IGP Côtes Catalanes, AOP Muscat de Rivesaltes and AOP Rivesaltes Tuilé. We have also just recently started producing "Vins de France" wines with no added sulfites.

In addition, we propose the local products from our farm such as organic olive oil, organic fruite juice and vinegar.



A family vineyard

For more than 5 generations, we have been exploiting our productions in the same cellar since 1923. We work as a family: the father, Jules, is now joined by his children Marie and Pierre, young farmers settled since 2015. Exploiting the lands of our ancestors, we are committed to perpetuating the family know-how.

Our field of choice?

We vinify our own wine and have converted to organic farming on all vineyards and apricots. From the planting of the vine to the sale of the bottle, we work our product in a comprehensive, followed and meticulous way.

Our strengths?

We are three partners who constantly share our different ideas. This dynamism is one of the pillars of our continuously evolving production. It also contributes to the upholding of a friendly atmosphere, as well as our passion for our profession and our terroir."

The Pagnon family


Our production, ORGANIC as of 2021!

The family estate boasts exceptional terroirs: limono-calcareous soils in Torreilles as well as laminated shale soils in Salses-le-Château, Perpignan or Toulouges. This allows us to ensure the production of a whole range of quality wines, in our Torreilles cellar, aromatic, fine, structured and fresh.

Vins de France (no added sulfites) :

  • Red wine Black Grenache 
  • Rosé wine Black Grenache
  • White wine Muscat sec

Appellation wines :

  • AOP Côtes du Roussillon
  • IGP Côtes Catalanes
  • Muscat des Rivesaltes
  • Rivesaltes Tuilé
The Domaine Pagnon also proposes the production of:

Fruit juice :

  • Apricot nectar (AOP appellation)
  • Grape juice
  • Fig of Barbarie

Olive Oil  : 

Extra virgin from the arbequine variety

Vinegar from Muscat de Rivesaltes :

Made with two exceptional grape varieties such as the Muscat d'Alexandrie and the Muscat à Petits Grain


Come visit our vineyard

Domaine Pagnon offers its products for sale but also for tasting at the cellar, open all year round. Don’t hesitate any more and come visit the family estate. Welcoming and attentive, your farmers will have the pleasure of sharing their world with you. The secrets and constraints of their profession will no longer have secrets for you !


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Do you have any additional questions about our wine sale in Torreilles? Would you like to know more about the estate? Do not hesitate to consult the other sections of the site or to contact your farmers by phone at and or via the contact form.

Otherwise, see you soon at one of our three shops :

  • Cellar in Torreilles Village : From Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 12 pm
  • Cellar in Torreilles Plage : Opens for the summer season in June 2022.
  • Cellar in Sainte-Marie-La-Mer : Opens for the summer season in June 2022.
  • Cellar in Port Leucate : Our new cellar that opens for the summer season in June 2022.




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Closed until June 2020