The vineyard of Domaine Pagnon specializes not only in the production of wines (in IGP and Côtes de Roussillon) for more than 5 generations, but has gradually developed other competences. Among them, the production of apricot nectars, grape juice and more recently fig de Barbarie juice. Three exceptional products, also produced according to organic farming codes and requirements. 


Nectar abricot Domaine Pagnon Torreilles Nectar fig de barbarie Domaine Pagnon Torreilles  Jus de raisin domaine pagnon torreilles



Domaine Pagnon operates an organic apricot orchard with an area of about one and a half hectares in Torreilles. From the old "Rouge du Roussillon" variety, these fruit trees are labeled AOP Rouge du Roussillon, a certification attesting to the exceptional quality of these apricots.

At the beginning of the summer, our farmers harvest the apricots in order to develop a tasty nectar whose voluptuousness and sweetness have no equal.

It comes packaged in a 75ml and 25ml (ideal for any snack time).

Cocktail idea:
Mixed with Muscat de Rivesaltes, also sold by the estate, to creat a surprising cocktail.


Domaine Pagnon has recently produced this new delicious organic nectar from a wild fig fruit called "fig de barbarie". The figs are collected in the sand of the  Torreilles plage. It is a particularly difficult task because of the thorns! It is collected december and january.  The violet color is fabulous. This exquisite nectar delights the palate with it's aromatic taste and exceptional fruitiness. Its unique colour and taste will make your cocktails unique!

It comes packaged in a 50ml and 25ml (ideal for any snack time).


Domaine Pagnon also offers 100% pressed organic fruit grape juice from the Merlot grape variety. It has a perfect balance between the fruit and the sugar. Well chilled, the juice quenches your thirst.

The grape is grown in the Torreilles parcels on the estate. Once the raisin is harvested, nothing is added and it is conditioned right away resulting a pure fruity juice.


 It comes packaged in a 75ml and 25ml (ideal for any snack time).




Jus de fruits domaine pagnon torreilles


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