Olive oil

Your organic olive oil produced in Torreilles !

You are looking for a first quality organic olive oil produced in Torreilles, south of France ? Discover without further delay an exceptional product, guaranteed by the know-how and passion of your farmers of Domaine Pagnon.


In the finest tradition

Make no mistake, the wines (Jules, Jean Veut !, Muscat, Rosé...) do not have the monopoly of Domaine Pagnon. If the Pagnon family has been operating a winery for more than 5 generations, they decided to start producing olive oil in 2006. How? By planting 3 hectares of olive trees in organic farming and promoting purely mechanical crushing processes. Achieving the high quality of their olive oil and responding to the growing demand, they planted an additional 2 hectares in 2012.


In search of diversification and the demand for quality, the family of farmers decided to favour an extra virgin olive oil from the Arbequine variety, of Catalan origin. This small round olive is distinguished by its sweet and fruity taste. In order to preserve its aromatic flavours and its green fruity potential, your farmers ensure an early harvest. The result? An extra virgin oil that is very sweet, not very bitter and of exceptional tasting quality.


Our olive oil products

Choose from our range of olive oils:

spray-on (20 cL)
glass bottle (50 cL) 
metal can (75 cL)

(also available in 1 litre metal can).





Extra virgin olive oil from France

Higher-grade olive oil, obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical means


Order your oil now

In the face of increasing demand, Torreilles' olive oil can be out of stock before the end of the summer. So don’t wait any longer and order as soon as possible. For more information, please contact the Pagnon family by phone or via the online contact form.