Visit of the domain

Come visit our wine estate Domaine Pagnon in the heart of Torreilles village


The Domaine Pagnon proposes a guided visit of our wine estate which is situated in the heart of the Torreilles village. Throughout our various stories and anecdotes, you will have the chance to discover our family history since 5 generations, the terroir on our wine estate as well as the different grape varieties. You will also discover our cellar dating from the XIX century, built by our great grandfather. Today we continue to produce our wines as a family business.

During the visit you will also have the opportunity to taste all of our wines (dry wines and sweet fortified wines) during the visit. You will receive a wine glass at the beginning which you can keep.


At different stages of the visit there will also be the tasting of our apricot and fig de barbarie nectar and raisin juice (for young and old). If you come at the best moment of the year (end of June to mid-July) you may even be able to taste our apricots (AOP Red of Roussillon) directly from the tree!

This visit will be an opportunity to share with you our profession and to explain to you its evolution since the creation of the estate. We look forward to sharing our experience with you!





At the end of the visit you will have followed the whole wine making procedure from the raisin, to the vine to the bottle.

  • For more information or to reserve call us at 06 17 56 35 92 or 06 09 37 69 54. You can also send us an email via our online contact form
  • Price of the visit : 5,50 € for adults and free for children
  • The visit lasts about 2 hours and is on Thursday mornings from 10-12am from May to October. At other times of the year it is also possible. Please contact us to reserve.
  • Departure from the wine store at Torreilles village, 1 impasse des orangers 66440 Torreilles
  • Bring running shoes and a hat if it is hot !